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Stories that grip you

Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico [FOR WINDFALL FILMS WEST]

Harrison Birtwistle: Notes from the End of a Garden

Natural World: Kangaroo Dundee (FOR AGB FILMS)

Tom Mustill: Director Showreel

How to win the Grand National (FOR OXFORD SCIENTIFIC FILMS)

WINDFALL FILMS Inside Nature’s Giants: Sperm Whale

Green Tomato Chutney & EAT YOUR LANTERN – Secret Seed Society

Inside Nature’s Giants: Jungle special (FOR WINDFALL FILMS)

Inside Nature’s Giants: Giant Squid (FOR WINDFALL FILMS)

Mixcloud Promo

NanoYou: Narrated By Stephen Fry

Guerilla Science / SCIENCE Museum / Kew Gardens / WWF / EU

Inside Nature’s Giants: Camel (FOR WINDFALL FILMS)

Cambridge Ideas Series (FOR WINDFALL FILMS)

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Get behind the lens and find out the answer to those 'how did they do that?' questions with our blog.

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The Bat Man of Mexico Is Unleashed!

4th June 2014 By admin

Whoa! We just heard a couple of days ago that the BBC has decided to air ‘Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico’, the film I’ve been working on for the last year – it was due to air in the autumn and has suddenly be brought forward to a week on Friday… Friday the 13th! Read more…

An exciting departure from Science and Wildlife

28th May 2014 By admin

To coincide with my godfather Harry’s 80th birthday, the website Sinfini commissioned Gripping Films to produce a ten minute film about him composing a piano concerto, at home in his shed in Wiltshire.

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Fan reactions

16th December 2013 By admin

The moment a film you’ve made is broadcast is a strange experience.

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