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New film release

By admin

A first foray into music videos – DEMS ‘Sense of an Ending’

On 01, Oct 2014 | In Filming, New film release | By admin

Wildlife film work is great, but you don’t get to make someone’s head disappear or reverse infra-red grade everything so a beech tree turns into a cherry in blossom.

With this in mind I’ve been playing around with some music videos recently, and here’s the first – for my friends at the band DEMS, and made with David Gardener and my amigo Waldo Etherington, a tree climber (who managed to ascend this whole tree blind), here’s the video for the first track on their forthcoming debut album; the song is called ‘Sense of an Ending’.

Now I’m all well cool, blogs are writing about things I’ve made, which is exciting: apparently The Line Of Best Fit has called it: “Southern Gothic imagery and a deluge of purples” which is pretty accurate!

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