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On 20, Mar 2018 | In | By tom

Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants – Narrated by David Attenborough

Tom first met Dr Julian Fennessey when he was beginning his giraffe research, when Julian reported back that giraffe numbers were crashing across the continent we decided to see if we could make a film. The BBC and PBS supported us and we shot across Uganda, Namibia, South Africa and Ethiopia to paint a picture of the astonishing discoveries about giraffe biology and behaviour, and to show the brave efforts being made to save these gentle giants. The film raised awareness of this silent extinction and was even screened to the European Parliament.

On 20, Mar 2018 | In | By tom

The Hole: How Maggie and Ronnie Saved the World – Narrated by David Attenborough

This short film about how the Ozone Layer was saved was funded by CIFF grew out of a story we developed with Windfall Films. The full length documentary will be released in 2018. This short was released online and screened to the United Nations, ahead of a one of the most important ever sessions of the Montreal Protocol.

On 20, Mar 2018 | In | By tom

LANDSHAPES – Moongee (Official Music Video)

For this ultra-low budget music video for our pals LANDSHAPES my friend Freya and I wanted an excuse to play with puppets. In the story a lonely man finds a mysterious lunar egg, he hatches the space duck inside and cares for it. But the duck is receiving commands from its kind, and it must return to the moon.

On 20, Mar 2018 | In | By tom

DEMS – Wake (Official Music Video)

Another fun little project with DEMS, this time we imagined SPAM emails as character, sharing their stories in the back of a minicab.