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#ImagineFor1Minute is a mesmerising short film with a simple message - it’s time to talk about the future we want.


Made out of voice-notes sent to the filmmakers from a variety of the most trusted humans on the planet; the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, Greta Thunberg, Hindu “hugging saint” Amma, the Pope, Nobel Laureate Dr. Mario Molina, climate champion Christina Figueres, and an incredible group of influential people including top footballer Paulo Dybala, F1 champion Nico Rosberg, All Blacks’ legend Dan Carter and model Arizona Muse.


You can download a copy in 10 languages from

IF1M_4x5_POSTER_06 (1).jpg

Unable to travel to film people because of lockdown, we asked public figures and celebrities who cared about social justice, climate and the environment to send them voice-notes and selfies. They put out a global request via Avaaz for pictures of citizens and received thousands from people on every continent. Edited together into an extraordinary one minute kaleidoscope of humanity it will be screened at the UN General Assembly, given away for free online, on the organisation’s 75th anniversary to mark the first ever virtual summit of world leaders with a message of hope in troubled times. 


The film is independent and not linked to a campaign - it’s a tool to be used to engage people with visualising a better future, whatever that means for them, and then to talk about it. The world is full of distraction and division, this film is designed to catch the eye and engage people’s attention - to make them feel part of something bigger and imagine something better. To be used alone or in gatherings, from schoolchildren to world leaders.

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