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We make films differently

*and we want everyone to make them this way

We make films because telling these stories matters, and we want to change the world with them. With every production we work hard to make sure the films are not only entertaining and popular, but that they also give audiences the information they need to take action.

IMPACT Production

Every film we do is Impact Produced, with time and resources given to making content that generates change. 


We often cut special versions of our films to be shown to key audiences, and arrange special screenings for decision-makers. 


Passionate about impact, Tom works on each production to make sure Gripping Films productions make change happen.


His films have been played to the EU Parliament and twice to the United Nations at special meetings on species conservation, the protection of the atmosphere and climate change.

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Reducing our footprint

We have drastically cut our environmental footprint. Humpback Whales: A Detective Story was the first BBC Natural World to gain a BAFTA Albert certification – in recognition of our 40% reduced CO2 emissions and footprint, while the following film - #NatureNow - was carbon neutral.


All films come with an environmental cost; we are aware that we use materials up, create waste and emit carbon.

Need some inspiration?


Carbon offsetting

We still have a long way to go to minimise our footprint and Gripping Films chooses to donate to the conservation organisation Mossy Earth, to support their native ecosystem restoration, and offset our companies shrinking emissions.

CREative commons

We are excited by the opportunities of Creative Commons licensing in getting films to unrestricted audiences, enabling other filmmakers and storytellers, and in cutting waste. #Naturenow was a CC Licensed film and we are looking to continue this practise.



Tom is an Albert Ambassador and works hard to share what we’ve learnt in outreach and training with other storytellers so more of us can be #LowCarbonHighImpact. If you’d like to learn about it get in touch!

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