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Awards and Press



    • New York Wild Film Festival (Winner): Best  Exploration Film: The Bat Man of Mexico
    • Wildscreen Panda Awards (Winner): Discovery People and Nature Award: The Bat Man of Mexico
    • Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Nominee): Best Documentary: The Bat Man of Mexico
    • RTS (Finalist): Best Science and Nature: How to Win The Grand National

    • Grierson (Finalist): Best Science and Nature: Kangaroo Dundee
    • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (Winner): Best People and Nature Film – Kangaroo Dundee
    • Montana International Film Festival (Winner x 2): Best Series & Best Soundtrack – Kangaroo Dundee

    • New York Television and Film Awards, World Gold Medal – Best Science and Nature Film (Winner): Inside Nature’s Giants Special – Sperm Whale
    • Grierson (Nominee): Best Science and Nature: ING Special: Sperm Whale

    • ZSL Thompson Reuters Award for Communicating Zoology (Winner)– Inside Nature’s Giants

    • SCINEMA Award – Best short film (Winner): NanoYou – Narrated by Stephen Fry
    • BAFTA (Winner) – Inside Nature’s Giants
    • Royal Television Society Award (Winner)– Inside Nature’s Giants
    • Broadcast Award (Winner) – Inside Nature’s Giants




“…Channel 4 will be screening the Grand National tomorrow for the first time.. But this documentary, fronted by vet and broadcaster Mark Evans, definitely leads the field. With the help of top jockeys, trainers and some breathtaking photography – including a horse jumping over a parked car – he shows what it takes to win the toughest and most controversial race on the planet…”

Jane Simon / The Mirror


“This is, after all, the beginning of Channel 4’s coverage, after more than 50 years of being shown by the BBC. It needs to be stirring and upbeat. And it is……It all is – the magnificent horses, the montages and slow motion shots, the spectacle.”

Sam Wallaston / The Guardian


“This fascinating film provides a fresh insight into the people and horses whose goal is to conquer the four-and-a-half miles and 30 fences that is tomorrow’s Grand National.”

The Express


“The first thing that struck me about Brolga was the sign on his car. ‘Frequently stopping for roadkill’. A small and rusty box, covered in peeling kangaroo stickers and held together with cable ties. His car was as unusual in the air-con SUV world of Alice Springs as the six foot seven man who emerged from it. From a lumpy blanket he produced a tiny baby kangaroo, and holding it to his grizzly lips, gently spat into its mouth. A year later I was back, with my co-director Andrew Graham-Brown, and a Natural World to make.”

The Talent Manager interview with Tom for his Grierson nomination